When Privacy Matters: Partnering With The Right VPN Company

Americans do many different things online. Whether you use your computer to chat with friends, maintain a blog, or reconcile your financial records, you likely want to ensure that the data you provide during your online browsing sessions is kept private.

While many Internet service providers can guarantee the security of your information, it's important that you partner with the right VPN (virtual private network) company if you want your data kept private and out of the hands of hackers. Here are two things to look for to ensure your online privacy is protected.

1. Take the time to ask about technology.

Computer services and equipment are evolving at a rapid pace, and hackers are getting better at breaching the security measures put into place by many Internet service providers. In order to ensure that your data stays private, you should take the time to ask potential VPN providers about the technology they use on a daily basis.

You should ask about the encryption technology used by each VPN provider, and check to make sure that hackers can't easily penetrate this technology by running a simple online search for news of security breaches. Taking the time to identify which VPN providers are using technology that is up to date and hard to hack will ensure your online privacy in the future.

2. Verify whether or not the VPN provider keeps logs.

Some VPN providers keep more detailed logs when it comes to their customers' online activities than others. If a VPN provider is tracking your login and logout times, or monitoring your online activities, there is the possibility that a hacker could gain access to these logs and access your data.

The privacy policy for each VPN provider you are considering should state whether or not logging takes place, but you can also consult online forums or search for news articles using the VPN provider's name and the term "logging" in your query. If you discover that a VPN provider does engage in logging, you should be advised that your data could fall into the hands of third-party hackers, marketers, or law enforcement officials, which compromises the privacy of your online activities.

Partnering with the right VPN provider is essential when it comes to keeping your online activities private. Be sure to ask about the technology used by each VPN provider you are considering, and avoid working with providers that keep logs to ensure that your online data will remain private at all times.