3 Tips To Keep Your Computer Virus Free

If your computer is your livelihood for school or work, you're obviously going to want to make sure it stays in top shape at all times. Catching a virus is not just annoying, it could cause you to be late on your next project for school or cost you money if you become unable to perform your job. You should absolutely have an anti-virus software program installed and running at all times on your computer, but here are some additional tips that will hopefully help keep you virus free.

Turn On Your Junk Mail Filter

Most major email companies now offer free filtering of junk mail for your account. Any email that looks like it's an advertisement or even a little bit shady can be automatically removed from your inbox before you even know it's there. If you have concerns about getting a virus through email, it's possible to go into these settings on most mail carriers and increase the amount of filtering you receive. You'll obviously want to make sure nothing important gets filtered out, but the less opportunity you receive to accidentally click on something that might be bad for your computer, the better off you will be.

Update Your Anti-Virus Software Regularly

Simply having anti virus software installed on your computer is not good enough. New viruses make it out into the wild almost every day. If you want to stay protected from the latest viruses, malware and other potential problems, you need to make sure you update your anti virus software on a regular basis. Some programs will allow the software to update daily or weekly overnight if you leave your computer on. If you have to shut down the computer each day, make time once a week to update your protections if needed.

Only Download From Known Websites

The Internet has a massive number of pages on it, but plenty of them have been created by professional companies and are safe to navigate. Where people start getting into trouble is when they randomly navigate to a new page they haven't been on before and start clicking around. Only click a link to download something to your computer if you have done your research and you are sure the site you are on is legitimate.

Getting a virus on your computer can be debilitating. If you find yourself in this situation, you may need the help of someone who offers professional IT services in your area. In the meantime, keep your anti-virus protection updated and take steps to be cautious when browsing your email or the Web. Contact a company like Aarya Systems to learn more.