Important Reasons To Use A Password Manager Today

Are you someone who works from home? Do you do a lot of work on different websites, each with their own unique login? Working from home can offer you a great feeling of independence. Unfortunately, when you work from home, you often have to be your own tech support in addition to doing whatever other work needs to be completed. And one of the things that you need to do as tech support is to keep track of all of your various login information. Fortunately, installing a secure password manager or relying on a company like Joinesty can help you with this quest. Some of the ways that this can help include:

More secure passwords: Undoubtedly, you know that passwords like "password" or "1234" are insecure. More secure passwords are ones that are impossible to guess and that are lengthy, often with special characters. These kinds of passwords can be difficult for a human to remember or even just to type. If you're trying to log in from a mobile device, secure passwords can seem like a huge chore. Instead of dealing with this conundrum, installing a secure password manager on your computers and mobile devices can allow you to log into your sites using the most fiendishly difficult passwords that you can come up with. Some managers will even automatically create passwords for you so that you don't have to try to come up with a difficult one.

Thwart password theft: When coming up with difficult passwords, one of the first things that many people do is to write the password down on a sticky note or in a folder somewhere. While these written passwords can't be seen by anyone online, these copies can be stolen or misplaced. If you go out to a coffee shop to do some work, taking along your little book of passwords so that you can continue to access your important sites, someone could sneak a peek at your list without you noticing. They could then be able to access your bank account, email, or whatever else you have in your book. A secure password manager stores your passwords in an encrypted format, one that is nearly impossible for anyone to gain unauthorized access to.

Unique usernames: Aside from reusing passwords, one way that your data can be compromised is by you using the exact same username on every single website. While this is easy for you to remember, it also makes it easy for someone bent on identity theft to go from site to site, trying to get password hints and using old passwords until he or she is able to login somewhere. Once they're in, they may be able to gain access to even more sites with the information they find in the first site. A secure password manager doesn't just store passwords, it stores usernames and other login information as well. If you work on a dozen different websites, you can have a dozen different usernames and passwords without worrying about forgetting one of them.