Ask These Questions When You Take Your Computer In For Repair

Just like having a trusted mechanic, having a reliable computer repair service can greatly reduce your anxiety when something goes wrong. Given the important role your computer likely plays in your day-to-day life, it can be stressful when you encounter a problem and are looking at being a few days without it while it's repaired. It's a good idea to call a few computer repair services in your community and describe your problem. [Read More]

3 Insider Threats You Need To Consider

Most businesses are primarily concerned about outsider infiltration of payment processing or networks. However, you should also consider threats that may occur within your business, which can be indistinguishable from outside threats. There are several major insider threats you need to consider to adequately protect your business and customers. Keystroke Monitoring If your employees have access to different computer terminals throughout your business, this can make it easier for any single employee to install malicious software on one or more computers. [Read More]

Tips For Improving Your Gaming Computer

Is your gaming computer running slower than what you are used to? If so, it may be time that your gaming system obtains upgrades as newer games and programs can require higher-performing components. There are many upgrades that you can obtain that won't only help your computer perform efficiently when playing games but also when you need to utilize your system for productivity purposes. So, rather than replace your entire system altogether, consider upgrades like the following: [Read More]

IT Support: Secure Your Data Even When On A Public Network

WiFi has many perks, not the least of which is the freedom found in wandering away from the tether of an ethernet cable. However, if you stray away from your business or home WiFi, you have to brave the troubled waters of public-access WiFI. Here your internet traffic can be accessed by anyone with the skills to do so. To protect your personal or sensitive business communications, you should use a virtual private network, or VPN. [Read More]