Business Apps To Make You 'Appy And Productive

Is everyone in your company mobile? More to the point, do they all work from a tablet computer rather than a laptop or desktop? Many companies do that these days. They assign tablet computers for everyone in the company, and especially to business executives. In addition to tablets in the workplace, recent studies have shown that 87% of employees use their own mobile devices to access and use business apps, like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Why should your fellow employees engage in these trends? Truth be told, the multiple apps available to them (and you) for work productivity are quite astounding. The business apps developed with the Microsoft Dynamics software are not only very popular, but extremely effective business solutions. Take a gander at a handful of these apps, and you will understand why so many companies are handing out tablets like candy and allowing employees to bring their own mobile devices to work.

Sales Apps

Use apps that are loaded in a logical format, from your "Work Dashboard" app, to Customer Accounts apps, right on down to apps that store your leads, invoices, products, and recent sales. The highly intuitive setup creates columns and icons that work just as easily on a phone or tablet as they do on a laptop. When these apps are downloaded to a tablet, you can take your work anywhere and everywhere you go.

Field Service Apps

Speaking of taking your work anywhere, field service employees actually do take their work everywhere. In a truck or on the shipping docks, they handle a lot of the company's day to day movement of products. When they do not have to write everything down on scraps of paper or stacks of forms, but rather enter it into apps on a tablet or phone, the entire company has immediate access to that information because the software updates statuses in real time. Additionally, the company can track every field service employee by the employee's schedule and expected stops, pick-ups, and deliveries.

Supply Chain Management Apps

Similar to the field service apps, supply chain management apps track the transportation of, delivery of, and transfer of product packages and orders. Movement of every product from factory to warehouse and beyond is more manageable because employees only have to open an app, use their phones or tablets to scan bar or QR codes, and upload this information into the app (which now takes literally a couple of seconds, tops). These employees can even locate products in warehouse bays, in specific warehouses, and on pallets because all of that information is entered into the company apps. Whether the information is part of a shipment entering a warehouse, or it is part of a delivery made to retail locations, everyone in the supply chain management and field service departments know what and where to look.

Customer Service Apps

Is your company a B2B or a B2C? Regardless of how your company moves products and sells them, the customer service apps can keep track of all customer orders. In the event that there is a company-wide emergency, such as and extreme flood, and all of your computers shut down, customer service apps can retain all necessary and pertinent information in the Cloud.

Customer service reps and phone reps can access this information remotely, via the apps on their tablets or smartphones. Of course, your company would have to have certain protocols in place for such an event in order to prevent accessing this information away from the office when there is no emergency. There are also security measures built into many of these business apps.