4 Reasons To Consider Using A Managed Data Backup

Making sure your data operates on a proper backup system is important to most businesses these days. Numerous companies elect to pay a third party to provide managed backup solutions. If you're curious about whether a managed data backup system is the answer for your business, here are four things to consider.

Seamless Operation

Ideally, data backup solutions should operate in the background. As long as everything is going well, there shouldn't be much reason to get actively involved.

The downside to this is that it can make you a little paranoid. Is everything working as necessary? With a third-party services provider in charge, you can relax knowing that professionals are checking in on the system regularly. Not only are they ensuring the system is still functioning, but they're checking whether it's operating at optimal speed and efficiency too.


Unless you're highly tech-savvy, there's a good chance that your DIY options are limited compared to the managed backup solutions an outsider provider can offer. You may be able to set up something like a networked-attached hard drive or even an on-site server, but most folks won't be able to set up clusters and cloud-based solutions.


Keeping up with the growing demands of a company's data is no simple task in the modern computing environment. You'll probably need a highly scalable solution, and working with a managed system will make it easier. More importantly, most providers have resources that allow their clients to scale their available storage automatically. This can be very cost-effective, especially for small or new businesses that don't need massive backup solutions today but will require them down the road.


By using highly distributed computing services, a managed backup solutions firm can provide extremely resilient systems. If they lose one or two servers in a bank that hosts your data, for example, the distribution of multiple copies across many systems will assure that you'll still have access to everything. Similarly, a company can use redundant power systems and networks to maintain high availability.

Professional Assistance

Even tech-centric businesses often use third-party solutions. The logic is simple. You want to be able to do whatever your business does well, and you can't accomplish that if you're constantly nitpicking problems that are outside of your domain. Dealing with a team that specializes in managed data backup work means you'll always have someone to answer your questions and address your problems.