3 Reasons Cloud Services Are Essential For Very Small Businesses

In the US, the term "small business" can refer to firms that vary wildly in size and revenue. If you're the owner of a genuinely small business, this broad definition can sometimes make it challenging to understand which services may benefit your company. With so much hype around cloud computing, you may be wondering if this innovative tech is just for much larger companies.

Fortunately, cloud services not only work well for small businesses, but they offer some unique benefits for firms that may only employ a handful of workers. Keep reading to discover three ways that the cloud may be a perfect fit for your company.

1. No Experience Necessary

When you cut through the industry buzzwords, the cloud is ultimately about one thing: moving some or all of your computer resources to a managed, off-site provider. This approach can mean anything from utilizing web-based applications to renting physical off-site computer hardware. In either case, your cloud provider manages these resources for you.

Since you won't have physical access to your cloud-based computer resources, your staff won't need experience installing, configuring, or maintaining these services. This benefit can potentially save your business a large amount of money if your IT staff is limited or non-existent. You also won't need to worry about bringing in a contractor with more experience if something goes wrong.

2. Support Included

If you have limited IT staff on your payroll, then you know that it can be frustrating to bring in a contractor whenever you need help. Unfortunately, many small businesses have no real alternative when it comes to dealing with their computer problems. Cloud services sidestep this issue since the vast majority of managed options include full support.

This feature also minimizes your training needs. Since you'll have off-site support available for the cloud products you utilize, you won't need to train your own IT staff to provide support for your employees. If you later switch to different solutions, you won't have to deal with wasted time, money, and effort training for a platform that's no longer relevant to your business needs.

3. Easy Scaling

Your computer needs will change as your business grows. Upgrading physical hardware and infrastructure is often an expensive process, but most cloud services offer seamless scaling options. Whether you need additional backup space or licenses for more employees, you can usually work with most cloud providers to immediately upgrade your services to fit your new requirements.

While you will always need to have at least some of your computing resources on-site, cloud services can allow you to spend more time and money on your core operations and less on dealing with computer issues. This critical fact makes these services a perfect fit for organizations of any size with any number of employees.

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